Donna went above and beyond my expectations!

Donna went above and beyond my expectations! Being a first time home buyer, she put me at ease right away explaining and showing me things I didn’t know or understand about buying a home.  She pointed out what was good and bad about each house, and even told me a couple times, “I won’t let you buy this house” due to major issues with the house.  Donna also provided me with information regarding financial help in purchasing my home that my banker was unaware existed.  Once I found the house I wanted to put an offer on, I wanted my parents to see the property and get their opinion.  Donna agreed to meet with us after her other client appointments that day and took the time to answer my parent’s questions and concerns.  All of this taking place well after 5 pm!  A few hours before Donna was to leave on a long weekend getaway, she drew up the papers.  She brought the paperwork to my work site and went over everything with me.  I don’t know how may realtors would be willing to work 3 hours past normal closing time, take a few hours before leaving on a short vacation and a few hours into that vacation to close the deal on a house, but Donna did!  I am so very grateful my mom suggested Donna as my agent.  I tell everyone Donna Pudenz helped me find my home.  Donna isn’t about the commission check, she is working and looking out for you and your best interests.  When I hear someone mention they are thinking of buying a house, I tell them to call Donna!